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RENEW $179.99

Your time is valuable. You don’t want to spend an entire day running a tooth brush through all the nooks and crannies of your grocery go-getter to fish out year old french fries. You don’t have time to decontaminate the clear coat with a small bar of clay, or to treat your car to a hot foam bath followed up by a buffer applied coat of Carnauba wax. That’s why American Auto Styling has created a DEEP cleaning package specialized specifically for your vehicle. This package will leave your car looking, and smelling amazing.

Included in Package

  • Wash Exterior
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Apply Carnauba wax
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
  • Blow out interior
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Shampoo carpets and fabrics
  • Scrub vinyls and plastics
  • Dress vinyls and leather
  • Clean Windows
  • $179.99