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Auto Detailing


American Auto Styling is the premier detailing and paint protection facility in Lansing, MI. The owner, Adam Bronson, has set the standard for auto detailing in Michigan since 2009. When it comes to preservation of value, it’s all in the details. Have you fallen out of love with your vehicle? We can help! Do you feel like you get your car cleaned but it’s never just right? We promise we can solve this! Innovative’s well-trained technicians use the best tools, products, and procedures to produce detailing that satisfies and lasts for months or years, not just for days.
Our passion for detailing stems from a meticulous desire to keep cars beautiful. We believe detailing is the foundation of all car care. At American Auto Styling, we treat each car as our own and make it our personal mission to deliver the best. We offer a variety of detailing packages and have something for everyone. Nothing feels better than stepping into a car that looks and smells brand new. Detailing your car regularly keeps it in prime condition and helps maintain its value. Auto detailing isn’t just a simple car wash and interior vacuum, there is a great deal of work that goes into the perfect detail. Below you’ll find a brief description of our detailing packages, please click on them for in-depth information.


Get your car feeling clean again with our quick interior clean and exterior wash and wax. This detail is intended for the person that keeps a pretty clean car most of the time but just needs it “spiffed up for the weekend” Typical turn around time is roughly 2-3 hours.

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Make your car look new again with interior carpet shampoo and exterior light scratch removal followed with a coat of Carnauba wax. This detail is intended for the person who has gone a whole season without a deep cleaning. Maybe you have salt stains or dirt and dust built up. We can make it look like that never happened and get you back on track. Typical turn around time is 6-8 hours.

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Give your car the ultimate detail restoration by applying the industry best protection to your interior and exterior for a 6 month lasting shine. The Restore detail is the go-to detail for the person looking to fully reset their vehicle inside and out. Deep cleaning and shampooing of the interior and a decontamination, compound, polish of the exterior. This detail typically takes 8-10 hours.

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